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Nonagase Guest House 

 in Chikatsuyu Village


946 Chikatsuyu, Nakahechi, Tanabe Wakayama   646 1402

A Historical  residence, emblema of Chikatsuyu 

The best location in Chikatsuyu, in the hart of the village. The Kumano Kodo path pass just in front of lodging ,  bus stop is at 10 m from the property. A wonderful  historical house with sightseeing sakura tree and a beer garden. 

About                      NEW Open  from April 1st 2024 !!!

Nonagase Clan 

Sakura Tree

Beer Garden 

The lodging belong to the last member of Nonagase family,  the most important  samurai clan in Wakayama prefecture . On 14 th centuries several daughters of the Nonagase clan married into the imperial family . 

In the back Garden there is the oldest Sakura tree in Wakayama , it has more of  270 years and it is the symbol of  Chikatsuyu Village.  Every spring  bring many people to see its beauty and unicity . 

An open old Japanese style beer garden , it makes everybody to enjoy the beauty of the Sakura and place. A perfect rest for hikers , to enjoy good beer , food and meet people. It is a great meeting point in the village. 

To stay:                        half board     ¥18900 par person
                                   included  dinner and breakfast (mainly we serve Italian and Japanese food make with local ingredients., it depends about our Invited Chef  for the season.  The pictures are  about the dishes we have served until now and are not indicative about the future).

                                 Luggages and peopleTransfer from /to 

                                 Kii Tanabe Station - Kumano Winery Guest                                      House - Takijiri Oji - Chikatsuyu  is  possible

RECOMMEND : To stay the day before in Kumano Winery Guest House   for an unique experience             


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Ask for Availability phone 08049255759

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